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Natural Aftershave Balm Australia

Applying an aftershave product on the skin is a liberating kind of feeling, especially for the sensitive skin. Not only it moisturizes the skin but also protects, soothes and tones it. However, if the aftershave product has alcohol as an ingredient, you will not help your skin, but dry it out and aggravate the sensitivity. That is why we offer you products that are alcohol-free and with great quality moisturizing ingredients.

Our Aftershave range of products includes after shave serum by Milkman which contains high quality moisturizing ingredients including Beta-glucon, Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin B5 and Kakadu Plum extract. They soothe the skin and create a feeling of smoothness. It will also tone and protect the skin after shaving.

The recovery of the skin is also facilitated with the help of witch hazel, aloe vera and vitamin E and the lack of alcohol guarantees that the skin will be moisturised and deeply invigorated.

Other benefits of the after shave serum includes stopping bleeding caused by shaving and helping your facial skin heal faster, keeping the skin pores clean and bacteria-free which is essential to avoid the break out of acne and zits. Another very important benefit of the after shave is its power to make the men more confident in themselves.

Even though there are different types of aftershaves on the market, we recommend you use the serum type because it is quickly absorbed by the skin and the pores and at the same time it is non-greasy and moisturises the skin providing it a more comfortable feel.

Aftershave products by Milkman also carry a strong aroma scented notes of spring and summer and create a real aromatic experience similar to those of the cologne but without the presence of alcohol.