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Men’s Hair & Beard Products

Why should a cosmetics company only cater for women?  Here at Neveya Cosmetics we wanted to ensure that men also have access to a large range of grooming products too!  There is such a demand for hair and beard products that we wanted to be able to offer a variety of the best ones that will enable even the most casual men to groom themselves to whatever level of sophistication they want!

Whether it be a rugged look, a full on biker look, or a very polished city slicker look – we have the perfect range for you!

With brands such as Milkman, Captain Fawcett, and Baxter you are guaranteed to feel at ease with your purchase and know that you will be creating the very best version of yourself!

We only stock the finest grooming brands in the world and want to be able to offer a personalized and tailored experience from the choice of products we offer – just like if you were in your own home town barber shop!

We have stocked products from essential shampoo and conditioners, to beard oils and balms, moustache waxes and aftershaves.  Also a range of razors and beard brushes enable you to keep your facial hair trimmed, groomed and conditioned!!

Also, your favourite products are available as pre-packed in beard care kits, so you can take them anywhere with you easily when you travel. There really is no excuse to have a dishevelled beard when you shop with Neveya Cosmetics!