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Enhance your most beautiful features with our range of cosmetics! For both men and women, Neveya Cosmetics prides itself on providing high quality, unique products from all over the world. Each brand is carefully chosen by its point of difference to others. We promise to only stock products that are cruelty free and also to offer vegan friendly products too. Showcasing brands such as Youngblood Cosmetics and Dreamweave & Co, our products can guarantee that you will be able to maximize every occasion with beautiful lashes, brows and eyes that create impact and leave your admirers mesmerized!

Love your lashes? If you want to lengthen, thicken or treat them, our range of mascaras will help you achieve your perfect look. Guaranteed not to smudge, flake or give you panda eyes all of our mascaras have been tried and tested to give you the ultimate lash experience! And when the summer heats up here in Australia these mascaras will stay put! Perfect for hot days, humid climates and even for those gym junkies who sweat, sweat, sweat, our mascaras will not run away with you!

Love your lips? We have the world’s most technologically advanced lip plumpers that will create the same look as lip fillers but without the pain and price tag! If you want full, pouting lips then our range of plumpers, glosses and lip paints will enable you to achieve the look you desire!