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Made with “Wide Lash technology”, this mascara does wonders for your lashes. Also, a Treatment mascara that in a period of only 15 days thickens and nourishes the root and the stem of the lashes.

Dreamweave have developed a brand new system using ‘Wide Lash’ technology that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days.  This treatment mascara is perfect for those who have lash extensions, as the mascara is made with a micro-silicone formulation, making it fine enough to coat the lashes and extensions without leaving them clumpy.  The mascara has a peptide treatment that will nourish and repair any lashes that have become damaged or broken due to the eyelash extensions, promoting new growth and strength to the lashes.

Great for those with sensitive eyes or contact wearers, the micro-silicone wraps each lash with a tubular locking system.  Guaranteeing no smudge, no clump, no flakes and no panda eyes.

Thickens and extends the lashes

Peptide “Widelash’ treatment to repair and nourish the lashes

Micro-silicone formulation that wraps each lash with a tube

Curls the lashes without an iron

No Smudge

No Clump

No Flakes

No Panda Eyes

Widelash Treatment will repair and nourish lashes in 15 days

Perfect for night out, holidays, the gym and other sporting activites, and special emotional occasions

Suitable for those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers

Can be used over eyelash extensions

Apply a coat of the mascara to each individual lash with the flexible wand. It will tube your lash with a micro-silicone locking wrap.  Do not go back over the mascara once it has dried. With its bounce back technology you can go to bed mascared and wake up mascared!

Aqua, Copernicia, Cerifera Cera, Glycerin, Cera Alba, Stearic Acid, PVP, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Panthenol, Biotinoyl, Tripeptide-1, CI77499

4 reviews for Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara

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    Sheree Laws

    Fantastic mascara, easy to apply and stays on all day with no smudging.

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    Being a contact wearer with sensitive eyes, I haven’t worn mascara for years! I’d given up on trying to find one that didn’t irritate my eyes.
    This mascara is AMAZING!! Not only can I wear it all day long without any irritation at all, it doesn’t flake and is super easy to remove! Its perfect!

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    Sarah Murch

    I love this mascara. Feels lovely on and doesn’t clump at all. Hands down best mascara I’ve tried. Totally worth the money

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    I am blown away with this mascara.
    Every mascara I have ever used transfers onto my brow bone and below my eyes after a short amount of time.
    It was so bad that I stopped wearing mascara for years.

    Well not this one. It stays in place, lengthens and thickens my lashes and is so easy to remove with warm water.
    No aggressive scrubbing needed.

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Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara

Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara


(4 Previews)

(4 customer reviews)