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Affordable Natural Makeup

The makeup should enhance your beauty and not hide your imperfections. It should improve your skin tone and make your skin healthier. Only then you will know you have the right makeup by your side. Choose from our high quality and healthy makeup products including contour palettes, minera primers, liquid foundations, concealers and blushes. With our products beauty and health go hand in hand.

The Youngblood palette of products offers you contour palettes, crushed mineral primers, illuminator with diamond powder, liquid mineral foundation, loose mineral foundations, concealers and correctors that bring a plethora of benefits for your skin. All the products are paraben and talc free and are PETA certified cruelty free.

Moreover, all of them are lead free in addition to the complete absence of alcohol, artificial fragrances or colours, chemical dyes and mineral oils. The are non-comedogenic and ultra refined, long-lasting and have light reflecting properties.

The liquid foundations offer you a luminous, hydrated finish and is completely safe to use for irritated or inflamed skin. In their formula there are specific ingredients that soothe post laser procedures because they are infused with ocean minerals in addition to the signature blend. They are talc, gluten and nut free so no allergies will appear even with the most sensitive face.

Taking care of your face skin is your top priority. What you put on your face every day will show when your skin matures. So, investing in healthy products means investing in a long-lasting freshness and youthful look of your skin.