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Lip Gloss Australia

Lip Glosses are back! But this time with improved formulas that left behind the sloppiness and stickiness and emerged with lip-pampering and shine-enhancing properties. With our incredible lip glosses your lips will be hydrated and have a smooth and superior texture making your lips simply irresistible.

Dreamweave offers you the Melting Mix Lip Paints that contain seven hot melting colour fusions in one tube. You can choose from three variants: pink to purple, pink to red and orange to brown and enjoy the rainbow of the seven shades.

You can buy a lip gloss gift set and give it to your BFF for her special celebration or give it to any woman who wants to feel the power of vibrant colours on their lips. Because it is a long lasting lip gloss, you can wear it with confidence throughout the whole day and not worry it will wear out or fade away.

And if you want to achieve the effect of a fuller, sensual pout, then enhancing your lips with the Dreamweave’s beautiful shining Colorgenic’s lip plumper gloss you will get incredible results and a glossy voluminous pout. You can choose between the pink to bronze type or pink to red and enjoy the seven pre-selected mixing chambers in the way they coat the lips in just one stroke. Choose your own shade of the best lip gloss depending on the mood you are in and shine away!

The Dreamweave lip gloss shades can be worn alone or on top of Lip Voltage or Powerhouse Iceagenics lip plumpers so you can enhance the size of the lips even more.

90’s lip glosses have nothing on these new, improved and modern lip gloss formulas. The ingredients like the vitamin E smooths and protects the lips from cracking and drying, so there won’t be any tackiness, bleeding or feathering. Are you ready for your next kiss?