Italian Silver Idea – The Beauty Glove


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For a brighter, smoother and cleaner skin use this amazing product laced with real silver fibres woven with microfibre. Also, it provides fantastic results for the most sensitive skin.

The Silver Beauty Glove is a clinically and dermatologically tested product that exfoliates, cleanses, and removes make-up.

It is laced with real silver fibres and woven with microfibre.  The areas between the microfibre filaments trap dirt until washed out, this way dirt is not spread around the face as what happens with traditional cotton pads.  And, the silver fibres have positively charged ions (Ag+) which are attracted to the negatively charged bacteria – therefore ions enter the bacteria’s cell membrane attacking their DNA, destroying them and preventing their reproduction.


Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.  Its dermal tolerability has been clinically and dermatologically tested.

It will save you money! No need to purchase wipes, cleanser, toner and make-up remover any more!  The Silver Beauty Glove will do all of those functions in one!

You can take it anywhere! The pedestal is useful to let it dry quickly at home and the waterproof bag made of breathable fabric allows you to carry The Beauty Glove always with you and to let ir dry even inside the beauty case.


It ensures the removal of any kind of make-up just with warm water.

It stimulates micro-circulation

It makes skin brighter, smoother and cleaner

To clean it, just rinse it with a little soap and it will be ready for the next use

Microfiber’s mechanical properties last at least 6 months

Silver’s properties remain unvaried for at least 250 washings

The Beauty Glove removes the first layer of dead skin cells preparing skin for further treatments

It reduces skin roughness

It reduces blackheads

It can be stored in your carry-on luggage because it does not need any other liquid cleansers or toners

It is conceived, developed and produced in Italy with Made in Italy OEKO-TEX fabrics

Make-up remover side (grey side):

1: Moisten your face (especially where you wear lots of make-up) with warm water without using any other cleanser or make-up remover

2: Moisten The Beauty Glove with warm water

3: Wipe your eyes, face and neck with the microfibre side until make-up is completely removed

Exfoliating side (white):

1: Once your make-up is removed, rub your skin with the silver fibres side to gently exfoliate it removing the first layer of dead skin cells and making skin brighter

2: Wash The Beauty Glove with warm water and a little soap, then rinse

3: Let it dry by hanging back over its pedestal

Italian Silver Idea – The Beauty Glove

Italian Silver Idea – The Beauty Glove


(2 Previews)

(2 customer reviews)